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Practice Standards
The way football teams practice is changing.

At the NFL, college and high school levels, long gone are the days of lengthy scrimmaging and heavy contact drills. Most youth programs have followed suit.

Through its National Practice Guidelines for Youth Tackle Football, USA Football is further redefining what constitutes a proper youth football practice by setting a daily full-contact limit of 30 minutes and identifying what full contact is.

Specifically, full contact includes any drill conducted in gamelike, competitive conditions in which there is no predetermined winner - defined as "Thud" or "Live" in USA Football's Levels of Contact.

"Though there is no takedown to the ground in Thud, initial contact, particularly with linemen, is just as physical with Thud as it is with Live Action," USA Football Senior Director of Football Development Nick Inzerello said.

USA Football's youth practice guidelines offer leagues a clear, medically endorsed process to implement heat acclimatization procedures and clear definitions of contact and time limits on player-to-player contact to construct a proper practice plan. The guidelines were designed with input from USA Football's Medical Advisory Committee and Football Advisory Committee and are endorsed by the American College of Sports Medicine, the National Athletic Trainers' Association and the American Medical Society of Sports Medicine. They provide youth football organizations with recommendations to establish consistent methods designed to limit the chance for injury during structured practice sessions.
Posted Apr 19, 2012


The Raven's Youth Football & Cheer Organization is a non-profit youth organization. We are located in Patterson, CA and serve the communities of Patterson, Crows Landing, Westley, and Newman. 


As Ravens, we aspire to be an outstanding, educational-athletic organization that provides a high-quality experience to every athlete.  A high-quality experience is one in which every athlete is coached using the principles of Positive Coaching.  This principle includes teaching each athlete to have respect for themselves and others, to demonstrate loyalty, show good sportsmanship and teach life lessons that have value beyond the playing field.

We are committed to creating a positive culture, in which coaches, parents, fans, officials and athletes work together to achieve our mission. 


Live Signups:

March 31st from 1-5pm (last day for early bird pricing)

Location: Francesca's Restaurant and Lounge, Located at the Best Western Hotel



$275.00 plus $100 Refundable deposit for Volunteer Hours - $50 each additional sibling

A late fee of $30 will be added if Football Registration is not paid in FULL by fittings (date TBD)

Early Bird Discount: If you pay your registration fee In FULL by 3/31/19 we will take $25 off your registration fee.


$475 plus $100 100 Refundable deposit for Volunteer Hours - $50 for each additional sibling

A late fee of $30 will be added if Cheer Registration is not paid in FULL by fittings (date TBD)

Early Bird Discount: If you pay your registration fee In FULL by 3/31/19 we will take $50 off your registration fee.

The following is required for your child to completely be registered during signups:

- A deposit of $100 which will go towards your Child’s Registration Fee

- $100 refundable deposit for Volunteer Hours

- Sign up with our Fundraising Coordinator for Fundraising


We will have Fundraising available to help you pay your Registration. Please keep in mind 25% will go towards your registration fee.

Any questions for fundraising please contact Susan Rice via text @ 510-517-5205 or email her at  

Please remember to bring the following:

- Registration form (Register at Best Western and we can print this form for you)

- Copy of your child's birth certificate

- Copy of your child's medical insurance card

- Signed Form for Volunteer Hours (This will be given at Registration)

- Physical Form (This will be provided to you during registration)

Coaches Registration:

 Any returning Coaches or any new Coaches that are interested in signing up for 2019, please register online or at Live Sign Ups.

 The Following Paper work must be turned in:

 - Copy of Your Registration (Registration Form on Bonzi)

- Copy of Your Drivers License

- Copy of Your Car Insurance

- Copy of Your DOJ

- Copy of Your CPR/First Aid Card (Must BE Valid till Dec 2019)


Should you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact us anytime.

SUPER BOWL CHAMPS 2014 | 2016 | 2017
Posted Nov 18, 2016

Congratulations to our Varsity Ravens for winning the 2016 and 2017 Super Bowl. Great job!!!



We'd like to Welcome our 2019 RAVENS Football and Cheer Coaches:

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Hello Ravens family!

Contact: Susan Rice: 510-517-5205 (text preferred);

Thank you for your participation! It is always truly appreciated.
Parent Volunteers
Posted Jul 8, 2015

2018 NEW YEAR 

Please contact our newest Volunteer Coordinator Kassie Lugo for all your Volunteer Hour needs.  She will be at our live sign ups with all your information needed and sign up sheets ready to place your names into them to help out our 2018 RAVENS.

Thank You
Posted Sep 1, 2015